Saturday, March 13, 2010

'Flowery Meadows'

Here is a quilt I made last year for my Mom....It is a pretty simple quilt, all machine sewed (except the binding I hand sewed it). And I quilted it myself with my sewing machine...which can be pretty hard with such a big quilt.
I got the pattern from a book called "Romantic Quilts" By Sandy Berry. Here's her website:
She has lots of really beautiful quilts, and I have made several of her patterns. But most of the quilts I have given as gifts, and I don't have pictures of I can't post them :(
But I have this one, cause I gave it to mom!! This quilt is called 'Indigo Sky' cause the pattern is a blue quilt...but I am not a fan of blue, so maybe I will call it....'Flowery Meadows'


  1. You are such a good sewer Karissa! I love that quilt!!

    -Esther Hope Anderson


  2. That's so pretty!!!
    p.s. you should post more on here! :D